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Fortside Keg Bowling Competition

The second annual keg bowling competition happens on the first Satrurday of NorthBank Beer Week! Come grab a beer and roll a brewery bowling ball at a rack of keg pins. This is a one frame per turn competition that will yield the champ with the highest one frame pin total. Take as many turns as you'd like. Fear not, if you don’t like your first score you can scratch that score and sign up to roll again. Bowler signup begins at 1pm. Grand prizes of $100 and $50 dollar gift cards will be awarded to the champions, but bragging rights to say that you are one of the few keg bowlers in the WORLD are yours for life! Trust us when we say, “We’re gonna let the good times roll”!

Food and Fine Craft Beer is available for purchase, but the Keg Bowling is free.